Out-of-province/Out-of-Country and Salvage Inspection Request Forms

Vehicles Purchased Outside of Alberta

If you have bought a used vehicle outside of Alberta, you will need to complete one of the following:

  • Out-of-province inspection (for out-of-province, out-of-country and vehicles that are not showing in the motor vehicles system any more (generally an antique vehicle)).


  • A salvage inspection (the status must show a salvage status in order to get this form).


  • Commercial inspection (only for commercial vehicles) For further explanation of commercial vehicles please visit our office or visit the Service Alberta Website

A new vehicle may be exempt from the out of province inspection requirement depending on the date of sale, mileage and where it was purchased. Check with our office for details.

Vehicles Purchased Outside of Canada

If your vehicle is from outside of Canada, bring in all the following to get your request for inspection


To register your imported vehicle or out of province vehicle, provide the following:

  • Proof of ownership (examples: bill of sale, lease agreement, registration document, gift letter)
  • Proof of Alberta Insurance
  • Valid Identification
  • Out-of-province, salvage or commercial vehicle inspection
  • For new vehicles: a New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS or E-NVIS) or Certificate of Origin
  • A completed Transport Canada Vehicle Import form – Form 1, Vehicle Import form – RIV or Vehicle Import form – RIV exempt
  • Authorization for Vehicle Services Form (This form is required when the vehicle ownership or registration document is in more than one name. If the client has not been created in Alberta for motor vehicle services or for driver licencing services, they must appear at the registry office, no authorization can be given to create a client file for the first time.)