Restricted Driver Licences and Reinstatement of Drivers Licence

The Restricted Operator’s Licence Program is used by clients who need to drive for employment, health, or education reasons while serving a demerit suspension.

You will be given notice from The Driver Fitness & Monitoring Branch that your driver’s licence will be suspended by receiving the following mail:

  • A “Notice of Suspension”.
  • A fact sheet “Restricted Operator’s Licence Program Demerit Suspensions”.

Please be aware that the application fee is non-refundable, no matter the outcome of the application. 

If approved, visit our office and we will issue the restricted licence as long as there are no other transportation codes (requirements) blocking your driver’s licence file.

Requirements to obtain the Restricted Driver’s Licence:

  • Provide acceptable identification.
  • Surrender your Alberta driver’s licence.
  • Provide the approved suspension form from Alberta Transportation (Example: Ignition interlock form, AALS form, AZAT form, ATSB form, Restricted Drivers Licence form or IRS form)
  • Make sure all outstanding conditions are met from Alberta Transportation and Driver Fitness and Monitoring.
  • Pay in full all outstanding fines and reinstatement fees.

For the appeal of a suspension or to get a restricted Drivers Licence, please visit our registry office.

Please visit our office for more information regarding the products below:

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  • Demerit Points Suspension
  • Indefinite Suspension
  • Vehicle Seizure Program
  • Alberta Administrative Licence Suspension (AALS) Program
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  • Alberta Transportation Safety Board (ATSB) – Appeal Hearing Application
  • Immediate Roadside Suspension (IRS) Program

For more information, please visit our office where we will guide you through the steps to re-instate your driver’s licence.