There are 2 types of abstracts that can be requested for 3, 5 or 10 year periods:


Standard Driver Abstract

A Standard Driver Abstract provides information from an individual’s driving record, including:

  • driver information (name, address, licence number and issue date, etc.)
  • driver’s appearance (height, weight, sex, etc.)
  • current status of the drivers licence
  • conviction information
  • demerit points

The driver abstract does not show the individual’s driving experience or the date first licensed.

Commercial Driver Abstract

A Commercial Driver Abstract allows for employers to assess safety risks associated with a driver prior to hiring them. It provides most of the same information as the Standard Driver Abstract plus information about Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspections.

However, the Commercial Driver Abstract does not include information about the driver’s appearance.

How to order in person

You can request a driver abstract in person at a registry office.

Fill out an application

Request for Personal Driving and Motor Vehicle Information

Provide acceptable photo ID

How to order if you are outside Alberta

You can request a driver abstract while outside Alberta.

Fill out an application and go to Notary Public

Notarized Request for Personal Driving and Motor Vehicle Information – provide the details as to why the request is required.

You will also need to provide a copy of accepted photo ID that has been notarized.

You must sign the form in front of the Notary Public.

Send the application

Send the following documents to our office:

  • a signed and notarized application form
  • a notarized copy of accepted photo ID
  • the fee for service (Please call or email to find out the methods of payment and price)
  • A registered (pre-paid) mail envelope with your return address and our office address.

Authorizing an individual to request an abstract on your behalf

If you can’t go to a registry agent to request your abstract, you can ask someone who is personally known to you, who you trust and agrees to represent you to request your driver abstract.

Fill out an application form

You need to fill out Driver Abstract Consent and give the form to the representative coming in on your behalf.  You can send the original by mail, fax, or email to the representative and they will need to print the form and bring it into our registry office.

Give form to the authorized representative

Your representative must apply in person at the registry agent office, and must have acceptable photo ID. They must sign and date the Driver Abstract Statement of Intent form in front of a registry agent clerk, who will also sign the form as a witness.