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Frequently referred to as PPSA or PPR searches, Personal Property Registry (APPRES) covers a broad range or registrations & Searches.

The most common of these searches is a lien search, usually done on a VIN number will determine if there’s any money owing against a vehicle.  Similarly, a lien search can be performed on an individual or company to determine if they owe money.

With competitive pricing, we are sure that these searches will provide to be invaluable when purchasing a vehicle, or signing a contract with an individual or company

With Certified APPRES staff, Edmonton Registry can also register liens (security agreements), writ of enforcements, garage keepers’ lien as well as amend, renew & discharge all PPSA registrations.

The request forms are provided on our ‘forms’ page or visit us in office for friendly & knowledgeable assistance on determining which product is right for you.

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